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The Sullivan/Clinton Mapset

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This has never been done before!

For the first time, The Sullivan/Clinton MapSet provides a unique, interactive journey through the whole story and its aftermath. It's ideal for teachers, students and history buffs alike. It's great to look at, easy-to-read and has powerful and essential information.

The full MapSet has 9 parts. (See the first 3 scenes on this website's Map page.)

Click through, scene-by-scene, and see the entire saga unfold before your eyes:

  1. Longhouse Burning: A introductory sequence of the fall and rebirth of The Longhouse.
  2. The Iroquois Six Nations: The original territories and capitals of the Six Nations.
  3. The Break-up: How America's Revolution split apart the Iroquois.
  4. The Invasion of Iroquoia: The main invasion routes into Iroquois Country unfold dynamically before your eyes and all the flashpoints are vividly shown.
  5. The Aftermath: Shows Indian refugees fleeing to Ft. Niagara as the worst winter in recorded memory rushes in.
  6. The Washington-Clinton Trip: Shows George Washington & Gov. Clinton's search to buy land in Iroquois country.
  7. The Spoils of Victory: Shows the how the major Land Purchases divided up Iroquoia.
  8. The Empire State: Shows the coming of the canals, the railroads and today's main highways as they crisscross former Iroquoia. It includes the Erie Canal and N.Y. City's rise to prominence.
  9. Iroquoia Today: Shows where the Iroquois Nations exist today in NY, the US and Canada.

The MapSet is for PCs or Macs in your home, in libraries and classrooms.

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